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Meet Our Grower: Kevin Duyck Farm

Rhubarb growing at Kevin Duyck Farm, an Oregon Growers supplier

Started in 1907, Kevin Duyck's grandparents owned and operated their family farm located in between Cornelius and Banks Oregon. In 1992, Duyck took the reins full time and with the help of his wife and two sons, has continued on as a family run operation. Its now 450 acres of largely blueberry, blackberry and rhubarb crops in Oregon's beautiful and abundant Willamette Valley.

The farm consists of 70 acres each of blueberries and blackberries, and about 180 acres of crimson red rhubarb. The crimson red crop which started in 1985, has become a large part of his business. High season running from May through August, but Duyck confirmed what many farmers will tell you, it's year-round operation.

Since debuting our Strawberry Rhubarb Jam in 2014, Oregon Growers uses roughly 4,000 pounds of Duyck's crimson red rhubarb a year. This flavor also happens to be our second best-selling jam. "I love hearing where the fruit ends up!" he tells us, probably just as much as our customers love eating it!

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