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Classic portrait of the Oregon Growers Founder Dave Gee and Hood River team.
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The Fruit

We work with local Pacific Northwest farmers and growers to bring you the highest quality, best-tasting fruit in every one of our products. Oregon Growers adheres to these strict quality standards:
  • Always use fresh, in-season ingredients
  • Purchase produce and other agricultural products directly from farmers
  • Value where food is grown and created
  • Encourage and support sustainable growing and operating practices
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The Growers

Oregon Growers believes in the power of local. All of our products are sourced from the rich and varied growing regions of the Pacific Northwest. Their quality and great taste is the direct result of the exceptional fruit we use. We seek out the growers who not only produce the best-tasting fruit, but who also use sustainable growing practices. We love our home in the Hood River Valley, and believe that the vitality of family farms and local agriculture is key to the quality of life enjoyed throughout the Pacific Northwest.
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Our Mission

At Oregon Growers, our mission is to produce and distribute high-quality specialty foods using fresh ingredients grown in the Pacific Northwest, while employing business practices respectful to the environment, communities and our way of life. We operate by these guidelines:
  • Cultivate long-term partnerships with regional growers
  • Provide the best quality and best-tasting products possible
  • Raise awareness about the value and benefits of the regional food economy
  • Run our company in a manner that is sensitive to and respectful of the environment