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Quince Fruit Pate

5 oz. Glass Jar

A cousin to Membrillo, a traditional condiment from Spain that is often served with aged Manchego, Spain's flagship sheep's milk cheese. The preparation is simple but time consuming. Whole US grown quince are cooked and milled into a smooth puree. Sugar and lemon are then added and cooked carefully for several hours so that the sugars gently caramelize adding a rich amber hue and gentle sweetness.

We are proud to be the first US company to produce this traditional European delicacy here at home.

Suggested Cheese Pairings: Pleasant Ridge Reserve / Uplands Dairy (Wis), San Andreas / Bellwether Farms (Ca), Vella Dry Jack / Vella Cheese Company (Ca), Aged Manchego (Spain).

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  • Quince
    Cane Sugar
    Ground Lemon
  • Serving Size = 1 Tbs (19 grams)
    Calories = 35
    Total Fat = 0 mg
    Sodium = 0 mg
    Total Carbohydrate = 9 grams
    Sugars = 9 grams.